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Mark Fox discusses his residency at Giverny with the Houston Chronicle

Robert Miller Gallery's represented artist Mark Fox spoke with the Houston Chronicle about his residency at Giverny, the estate in France where Claude Monet created his water-lily paintings, and current exhibition at Hiram Butler Gallery. The author writes of Fox's processes,

Fox realized Monet's paintings have become so ubiquitous no one - himself included - really sees them anymore. There had to be another way to see what nobody sees, he thought.

Then it hit him: Even Monet didn't see under the water's surface. His paintings reflect the changing colors of the sky.

Giverny had rules, and the one about not going into the pond was explicit. But on the sly one afternoon, Fox put his camera on "video" mode, attached a string and sent it out into the water.

He was amazed by the "beautiful, crazy life" under the lily pads.

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