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ART OnCuba features Nuevos Colores, with exclusive interview with Betsy Wittenborn Miller

​In its September–November 2015 issue, ART OnCuba magazine featured Nuevos Colores, a group exhibition of new work from Cuba on view at Robert Miller Gallery 10 September – 19 November 2015, and included an exclusive interview with Robert Miller Gallery owner Betsy Wittenborn Miller. In the interview, the author includes Betsy's thoughts,

(…) Obviously, for the last fifty years, the representation of Cuban art in the United States has been negligible. While the artists of earlier generations, Wifredo Lam, for example, are well known, most of the population is too young to remember first hand what the artists in Cuba were doing before the embargo and during that time period access was difficult. Manuel Mendive who had begun working before the embargo is certainly underrepresented.

Hopefully our exhibition and certainly the Bronx Museum show will change this situation. So yes, I think we will make a difference with the exhibition simply because we are presenting the work and advertising our show, NUEVOS COLORES. The work will speak for itself. (…)

To read more of the article, visit

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