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A survey exhibition spanning Lee Krasner's five decade long career. A fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition and includes an homage by Patti Smith. 

Reflecting the themes and sensibility of Patti Smith's memoir M Train, Eighteen Stations is a meditation on the act of artistic creation. It features the artist’s illustrative photographs that accompany the book’s pages, along with works by Smith that speak to art and literature’s potential to offer hope and consolation.

March 5, 2016

Patti Smith in conversation with Omar Kholeif, Manilow Senior Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. 

January 14 – February 20, 2016

The artist's first major solo exhibition of his large-scale paintings of bodies of water

November 19, 2015 – January 9, 2016

Three concurrent solo exhibitions by Mayumi Terada, Virginia Inés Vergara, and Yayoi Kusama

September 17 – November 14, 2015

A group show of new work from cross-generational artists that live and work in Cuba. 

Full artist list: Lidzie Alvisa, Abel Barroso, Elizabet Cerviño, Ariamna Contino, Arlés del Rio, Roberto Diago, Roberto Fabelo, Aimée García, Manuel Mendive, Jorge Otero, Carlos Quintana, Ernesto Rancaño, Esterio Segura, Stainless, Rachel Valdés Camejo

October 22, 2015

Performance work by Carlos Martiel in conjunction with Nuevos Colores

Featuring works by Al Held, Paul Jenkins, Yayoi Kusama, Lee Krasner, Milton Resnick

Curated by Willem Oorebeek, featuring Doug Ashford, Aglaia Konrad and Glen Rubsamen, and with works by Graham Anderson, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Jana Euler, Suchan Kinoshita, Jochen Lempert, Megan Marrin, Oorebeek/Thompson, and Mitja Tušek.

Three distinct, concurrent exhibitions comprising photography and mixed media works.

Exhibition is accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue with an essay by Jonathan Goodman.

September 12 - November 1, 2014

Peter Sacks

Exhibition is accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue with an essay by Rose Museum Director Christopher Bedford.


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