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Arlés del Rio in Huffington Post's "From Havana to NYC -- 'The Need of Other Airs'

In its arts section, the Huffington Post's Lauren Scott Miller details her visit to Arlés del Rio's studio in Cuba, discussing his work featured in Nuevos Colores, a group exhibition of new work from Cuba on view at Robert Miller Gallery 10 September – 14 November 2015. She writes of del Rio's work,

One particular artist struck my eye during a trip to Cuba this past May for the Havana Biennial - Arlés del Rio. His installation, La necesidad de otros aires (The need of other airs), was one of most engaging and powerful in Zona Franca, a main exhibition site of the Biennial, and is now being featured in Nuevos Colores.

To read the full article, visit Huffington Post here.

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