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Artforum Reviews Willem Oorebeek’s Exhibition at Yale Union

In "Critic’s Picks", Artforum reviewed Willem Oorebeek’s current exhibition on view at the Yale Union (YU). In the review, art critic Phil Taylor comments,

“These not-quite-iconoclastic abstractions are another kind of upright, solitary figure (or “monolith,” in the artist’s punning terminology) that here serve as objects of identification, desire, and power, probing print media as a persistent matrix of our era. But Oorebeek does all this with something of the jester’s cant, as he dances between the modernist twin peaks of mechanical reproduction and monochrome.”

To read the entire article, visit

Image: Willem Oorebeek, Vertical Club, 1994-present, lithograph on Japanese paper on sheetrock, dimensions variable.

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